How to center widgets inside Page builder rows?

The video below shows how to adjust the row to make your Team members widget smaller and aligned to center. I am editing the "Who we are page", imported with the Dentalia demo. But this should work on any page and with any widget.

Here's how to adjust the row:

Adjusting page builder rows is easy. Simply click on the little wrench icon in the top right corner of a row, set the number of columns to 3, adjust the column widths % to fit your needs, check if everything looks good and you're all set.

What about rows with multiple widgets?

If you have more widgets stacked on top of each other in a single row and only wish to "center" the Team members widget, this is what you need to do:

  1. Add a Layout Builder widget to the row.
  2. Copy the Team members widget (right click on the widget will bring up the option).
  3. Edit the Layout builder widget: add a row inside Layout builder with the desired layout, then right click to paste your Team members widget inside.
  4. If everything looks ok, you can delete your original widget and update your page.
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