Black Screen Issue: Update Your Theme to Ensure WordPress 5.6 Compatibility!

WordPress finally upgraded their bundled version of jQuery from 1.12.4-wp to 3.5.1, but as some of you noticed it caused compatibility issues with our themes. The most common being the black screen, which appears right after updating to WordPress 5.6.

These issues are resolved in the latest theme version.

Dentalia 2.1 and Recycle 2.1 are now available for download on ThemeForest.

Please update your theme to the latest version, to ensure WordPress 5.6 compatibility. Make sure to update the required theme plugins as well. The theme plugin version should always match the version of the theme.

How to update a WordPress theme

Technical info:

The main compatibility issue was caused by the Swipebox javascript library, which was used in older theme versions. It caused a black screen in the new WordPress version 5.6. As the library authors didn’t update the Swipebox for more than 5 years, we decided to replace Swipebox with FancyBox.

All OrionThemes widgets which are using the lightbox option will now automatically use Fancybox instead of Swipebox.

If you noticed any other issues, that we might have missed, please file a bug report.

WordPress is making a lot of changes under the hood lately. We will continue to support our themes and do all we can to ensure maximum compatibility.


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