After theme update, my site looks different

If you updated the theme and noticed that colors, typography, header or other parts of the site changed, read on.

Don’t panic!
You can set everything back in order. No need to revert to your backup just yet.
Here is what probably happened:
When you change theme options, a css file is generated in the theme folder. When you updated the theme, this file got replaced with default one, which is included with the updated theme version.
When this file is generated again, your theme options will be applied and the style will again match your theme settings.

The solution:

  1. Go to theme options -> Header
  2. Change the header type and save
  3. Change the header type back to the one chosen before and save again
  4. Voilà, your site is back! Check the front end.


When you changed the header option, you the /framework/css/orion-redux.css file regenerated. This applied your saved theme option settings to the front end.

This should work in 99,9% of the time, but if you still experience any issues, or would prefer an expert to help you with the issue, open a ticket and we’ll help you out.


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