Dentalia 1.7 now available on ThemeForest

WooCommerce Compatibility

We were planning to support WooCommerce for some time now and we are proud to announce that we finally did it. You can now set up a shop using Dentalia theme and the popular WooCommerce plugin.

We are still working on a demo presentation tough and it's possible that minor design improvements will be made to the shop part of Dentalia in future updates.

WordPress 5.0 & Gutenberg Support

Dentalia now supports Gutenberg and you should be able to use the new editor, if you want to. However, Dentalia layouts were built with Page Builder and they cannot be seamlessly converted into Gutenberg blocks. For this reason we strongly advise you to install WordPress Classic Editor Plugin before you update your WordPress to 5.0. The new WordPress will replace the current editor with Gutenberg, making editing of old layouts very difficult without the WordPress Classic Editor Plugin installed.

We at OrionThemes welcome the new editor and plan to make our themes fully compatible with Gutenberg on the long-run. But for now we believe that Gutenberg needs to evolve to be able to compete with all the possibilities Page Builder has to offer. This is why we encourage you too to continue using Page Builder with Dentalia WordPress Theme.

FontAwesome & ElegantIcons replaced with Orionicon icon font

In the new theme version we replaced FontAwesome & Eleganticons used for theme design elements (examples: arrow in the menu, share icons on posts, submenu indicators on mobile, icons in the contact form etc.). We did this to improve page speed, so now instead of two large icon fonts, we are only loading one - significantly smaller - icon font. The icons remained the same, only now they are part of the Orionicon font pack.

How does this affect your website

Icons used in widget should not be affected by this update, but if you used FontAwesome and/or ElegantIcons elsewhere (e.g. child theme, html) and you see some icons missing, you can go to Theme Options -> General -> Compatibility and enable loading FontAwesome and/er Eleganticons with a checkmark.

Questions & Troubleshooting

If you are experiencing any issues with the new update or need further information, please open a support ticket here and we will help you resolve it. We have a great support team and usually reply to your tickets within couple of hours.

With regards,

The Orion team

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