OrionThemes Colour Management

All of our themes offer colour customisation.

When outlining our Colour management system, we set this two goals:

  1. Theme Colour management should be easy and not time consuming
  2. All important theme elements should offer colour customisation for advanced users.

These two goals can easily conflict each other, if not done right. It is hard to make everything customisable, but still make sure the web designer doesn’t need to waste too much time for redefining their colour palette. Here is how we built it:

Base Colours can be set in theme options and can be further changed on specific elements if needed.

1. Basic users
For basic users, setting theme options colours is enough to make a site look great out of the box.
Primary, Secondary and Tertiary colours are then automatically applied to theme elements.
2. Advanced users:
Advanced users can further customise the theme, here is example for the theme navigation colours:
On widgets (which can be used anywhere in the content with page builder), you can choose among predefined colours and those defined in theme options.
Example for the Button Widget:
But there are also custom color pickers, where needed:
For SuperAdvanced users, there is also Custom CSS section in ThemeOptions. And finally, for those who still can’t find the right colour option, there is our awesome support. Open a ticket and we’ll help you achieve your colour goals. 🙂
The OrionThemes team
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